Simple. Minimal. Meaningful.

Art is my passion since always. I admire art, and crave it, and want to learn, and explore as much as possible. I enjoy drawing, watercolors, photography, and simply studying beauty, but calligraphy and jewelry are the two aspects that captured my focus and imagination for the longest time. I was able to merry both and created a calligraphic jewelry line, which I offer on Etsy:
It turned out to be a successful journey and became my full time job. I love it more than anything else I did in my life!
At one point I decided to open "Studio Simple Jewelry" and to separate minimalist, modern pieces from my handwritten pendants. I hope the explicit selection will help my customers finding exactly what they like.
What stays the same in both shops is my love to nature, clean lines of minimalism, Japanese aesthetics, and simplicity of Zen philosophy.

I promise exceptional service, including next day shipping, high quality materials and meticulously handcrafted jewelry pieces. They are simple. They are dainty. They are meant to be your everyday, easy and fun little treasures.

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